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It is of great honor of us to announce that the Eigth Taiwan International Symposium on Raman Spectroscopy (TISRS 2023) and Taiwan Association of Raman Spectroscopy summer camp (TARS 2023 summer camp) at Uni-resort MAWUTU, Hsinchu, will be held on June 28-30, 2023.

TARS was initiated by Professor Hiro-o Hamaguchi and Taiwan academicians in 2013. Since then, TISRS has been held by the TARS committee members every year. TISRS has become an important and highlighted annual event for the Taiwan Raman spectroscopy community. Besides, the TARS summer camp, organized by the student committee, has come to be an excellent forum for the young students to meet the various domestic and foreign Raman spectroscopists. Prof. Hamaguchi and Prof. Chia-Liang Cheng held the first meeting in Hsinchu in 2013. The meeting is held in Hsinchu again this year.

Research area covered by the vibrational spectroscopy is expanding year by year. The recent achievements from the IR absorption as well as the Raman spectroscopy are presented for this time. Sharing the methods of the experiments, data analysis, and knowledge among the participants across disciplines will help them to make a breakthrough in their study while also bringing about further advances in the vibrational spectroscopy. We hope that this Symposium and Summer camp will be an opportunity for exchange and discussion among the participants.

We are looking forward to seeing you in TISRS & TARS 2023 summer camp.

Hirotsugu Hiramatsu, Co-Chair
Chun-Fu Chang, Co-Chair
Li-Kang Chu, Co-Chair

Updates :
Poster list is updated. See accepted list.


History of TISRS & TARS Summer Camp

Venue Chair (affiliation) year
1st Hsinchu Profs. H.Hamaguchi/C.-L.Cheng (NCTU/NDHU) 2013
2nd Hualien Prof. Chia-Liang Cheng (NDHU) 2014
3rd Nantou Prof. I-Chia Chen (NTHU) 2015
4th Taipei Prof. Yu-Ming Chang (NTU) 2016
5th Chiayi Prof. Wen-Lung Chen (NCYU) 2017
6th Hiyoshi, Japan Prof. Yukio Furukawa (Waseda U) 2018
7th Taipei Prof. Hsiang-Lin Liu (NTNU) 2019
Hsinchu Profs. L.-K.Chu/H.Hiramatsu/C.-F. Chang (NTHU/NYCU) 2023

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Prof. Chun-Fu Chang | Address : Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NYCU, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010 Tel: +886-3-571-2121-56550
Prof. Hirotsugu Hiramatsu | Address : Dept. of Applied Chemistry, NYCU, 1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 30010 Tel: +886-3-571-2121-56540
Prof. Li-Kang Chu | Dept. of Chemistry, NTHU, 101, Sec 2, Kuang-Fu Rd., Hsinchu, Taiwan 30013 Tel: +886-3-571-5131-33396
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